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As we continue to learn more about what juicing is, it is becoming clear that there are two categories of juicers. The first group includes those that can use an upright juicer, a design that allows the juice pulp to rise and fall as it is being prepared for consumption.

This design makes many people uncomfortable because it can cause the juice to spill out over the sides and onto the countertop or table. The second category includes the newer vertical designs, which sit on a countertop with all of the juice coming up from below.

When using a vertical juicer, the fruit must be removed, preferably by hand, so that it will stay in one place and not be scattered across the countertop. The process is also far messier and doesn’t work well for use in the office because employees won’t want to have to toss their juice bottles on the floor.

These horizontal juicers tend to be easier to clean since there is no way to see what is inside the bottle or jar. They also give the glass spout a smooth look, rather than rough edges that many people don’t like. While vertical designs are great when it comes to preparing juices that you drink straight, horizontal ones make it easier to pack several pieces of fruit into the juicer and allow the fruit to drop freely.

A vertical juice maker is another consideration when deciding which type of juicer to buy. Some of the major brands include Inov-8, KitchenAid, Excalibur, and Blendtec.

Some consumers prefer to buy a juicer that has a standard form factor, rather than one that is based on a vertical design. These people usually take this into account when considering a type of juicer to buy.

After you choose your new juicer, make sure you read reviews about it on sites such as Amazon and Ezine Articles. Not only should you consider what the juicers are capable of doing, but also what other consumers have to say about them.

If you live in a large city, you may find that there are plenty of available retailers. The cities of Philadelphia, Baltimore, Chicago, and New York all have a large selection of food processing plants that can provide the best juicers for your needs.

Many people prefer to get online and look at the many place options available. There are many sites that offer reviews, as well as current pricing information for many different models of juicers.

Just remember that juicing isn’t just for those who live in cities, because this method of preparing food has a lot of benefits that go far beyond the fact that it produces more juice, and it also offers a variety of nutritional benefits. Plus, you can make a variety of drinks out of what you are producing at home.

Those who juice at home are not limited to those who just have strong culinary skills. There are recipes available for a wide range of recipes, and the versatility of juicing makes it a highly versatile method of preparing foods.

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