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This food is absolutely the most common spice that appears in everyone’s kitchen area. Not expensive, but useful is more than you can think of. See at which 16 ways you can utilize are, and that is not a diet plan.

1. Get rid of foul-smelling shoes

Make canvas bags and put salt where is an undesirable sensation for a couple of hours. Likewise, you can just pour salt in the shoes, let it sit, and then vacuum it.

2. Eliminate ants

To get rid of ants mix salt and water in the volume of 1: 4. Spray this mixture in any place the ants appear.

3. Remove the onion smell from your hands 

Onions and garlic smell left on your hands when you are chopping. For that reason, when we complete our cooking with wet hands, rub them utilizing you and wash.

4. Prevent spattering

Before you put the meat or fish in the pan to fry them, pour a little salt to the oil would not be sprayed.

5. Tidy iron

To eliminate discolorations from the iron, set it to the greatest temperature, on the baking sheet spray with salt, and drag the iron a couple of times.

6. Avoid mold on the drapes in the bathroom 

As quickly as you buy a drape for your shower or bath, wash with the saltwater to prevent mold. 

7. Deal with mosquito bites 

To eliminate the itching causing mosquito bite, soak your finger in water, and after that in salt and rub the sting. 

8. Make your copper items shine again

They will do a wonder when it concerns polishing and copper products. Mix vinegar, flour, salt, and lemon juice and polish their perimeter of copper.

9. Make an inexpensive and safe colors for your children

Mix a cup of flour with one cup of salt, then include a cup of water and add a couple of drops of food coloring.

10. Prevent cutted vegetables and fruit becomes brown

The vegetables and fruits stay fresh in a bowl put the water and include a little salt, and vegetables and fruit are placed in a bowl until you utilize it.

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